L & L Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd is an established yet vibrant company which was founded in January of 1998. The primary intent is to specialize in instrumentation, electrical installation, implementation and support.

L & L Consulting Services traded as a Closed Corporation until March of 2003 when we converted the entity to a Private Company.

Trackless Mining Machines

Our emphasis is based on providing Level 9 trackless mining machinery control that adheres to ISO 21815 (collision warning and avoidance standard). The system can interface with all PVDS Systems with CAN Communication capability.


A sub-division by the name of Solupro (Pty) Ltd. was formed within the company. Solupro having the primary intent to focus on the supply, integration, installation and support of AS-i fieldbus systems.

Renewable Energy

A Renewable Energy division was formed focusing on planning, supplying and installation of solar photovoltaic systems.


Our products and services range from the supply and installation of AS-i fieldbus products for which we design and manufacture the steelwork  for installation brackets in-house and powder coating to the steelwork required for installation. This enable us to reduce turnaround time significantly.

We  design and manufacture AS-i ready electrical starters as well as complete Motor Control Centres.

Level 9 Safety Compliancy on trackless mining machinery: LHD, Drillrig, Bolter, Scaler, UV and UL.

The content of this website will provide a comprehensive insight into the scope of work of this company.