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Of primary importance when considering the application of any renewable source, is that the service provider fully comprehends the needs which are to be catered for. Since the availability of renewable sources (that being solar energy) is governed by nature and therefore limited when compared to conventional electrical sources, renewable technology systems need to be designed aptly in order to provide for those times when the natural source is limited.

The nature of each client’s project / premises / organization will determine whether:

  • a simple needs analysis during consultation; or
  • actual electricity unit consumption metering will, in conjunction with a technical site audit, serve the purpose of establishing a suited solution to the unique need.

L & L Renewable Energy offer purpose suited solutions for:

  • Residential
  • Commercial / Industrial

Turnkey Solar Photovoltaic solutions through the supply, installation and commissioning of the following products:

  • Victron
  • Canadian Solar
  • Lithium Batteries