Quality Policy

Quality Policy Mission & Vision Statement

The Mission of this company is to foster sustainable long term operations while cherishing the employees and their wellbeing, as well as caring for the environment that we operate in.

L&L Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd strives to be recognized as the company of preference of employ for all System Integration needs by promoting and implementing AS-i Field bus, PLC and Ecomat controllers.

Motivated by a resolve to establish and maintain an environment conducive to culturing an ethos of quality product and service delivery, and maintains a recognized quality management system.

Our vision will propel this company to become an acclaimed and venerated service provider by our conscious drive to employ methods, practices and individuals to facilitate honorable and ethical trade relations.

The directors and management of L&L Consultants (Pty) Ltd will, by exemplifying that which we strive for, endeavour to inspire each of our employees and representatives to allow their conduct to be guided by sound principles. We shall commit to establish measurable objectives within our organization.

  • Refuse to compromise quality of product and value of service delivery by measuring customer satisfaction and corrective action.
  • Act with integrity and dignity in our professional capacities;
  • Act with compassion and respect toward our fellowmen, colleagues and seniors;
  • Accept challenges with resolve;
  • Honour our commitments by acknowledging the trust that each client instills in our company;
  • Forego no measure to ensure that efficiency concludes the final result of each application;
  • Aim insistently to deliver added value wherever possible and commit to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system;
  • Communicate the quality policy, mission & vision to ensure understanding by all personnel;
  • Review the quality management system, mission & vision for its continued suitability at the management review meeting; and
  • Establish quality objectives at relevant functions and levels within the company which is consistent with this quality policy, mission & vision.
  • We will commit to satisfy applicable requirements.